15 Must Watch Nollywood Movies!

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If you happen to be a weekend couch potato like yours truly, then it helps when someone recommends a movie, as it makes your search a whole lot easier. Obviously you have to be a Nollywood fan to be interested in the list below. However, remember that if you are one of those that still think we are in the “Upper Iweka Road Era” or ” Grab your copy Nowwww Era”, then you have lost touch. Nollywood now produces movies with a story line, somewhat good editing, good scores and even fine cinematography. There are a new crop professionals in the industry who really care about what is being churned out to the public. The shouting, wailing and “them” sound tracks that predict the entire movie is almost a thing of the past.  Today, the Nollywood offering is being showcased at international movie festivals like the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and the Cannes Film Festival.

The go-to place for Nollywood movies is Iroko Tv – and for about £3 or $5 a month,  you can access Nollywood or even Ghallywood (Ghanaian movies). Netflix, also has a good selection at the moment. It would appear that the popularity of Nollywood is gaining momentum by the minute!

DC gives you its best 15 Nollywood pictures and not in any particular order. They are not necessarily brand new movies either but they are what we call “The New Generation Production”. Enjoy.

ROAD TO YESTERDAY – the main attraction here is Genevieve Nnaji. It is her first movie in about 4 years and that alone should make you want to watch it. A bit of a slow story but an unusual one at that. Not a predictable movie, so it is worth watching.

WHEN LOVE HAPPENS – a story detailing a 28 year old event planners quest to find love. New comer and lead actress Weruche Opia gives us some good acting.

GBOMOGBOMO EXPRESS – tells the story of the kidnapping of a record label boss and a socialite who just happened to be at the wrong place. It has a strong story line and some smooth acting from Ramsey Noah.

TIWA’S BAGGAGE – Really emotional, love triangle, type story. Same producer as the The Visit. Acting is mature and authentic. Put the kids to bed before watching this one.

CONFUSION NA WA- many inter-connected separate events come together thereby leading to confusion. It is an award winning film and this one will deliver excellent entertainment value.

THE INTERVENTION – seems like a Hollywood chick flick being retold with an African touch. The one thing I like is that the film touched on intimacy among older couples – something that our movies like to ignore.

ANCHOR BABY – Omoni Oboli gave a strong performance in this one! It is about an illegal immigrant couple living in the US and their quest to have their baby in the States despite all odds. 




















THE WEDDING PARTY – tells the story of a couples wedding day activities and the moments preceding the ceremony. It is an all en-compassing tale that shows you exactly what happens in a typical Nigerian wedding – hopefully without the drama experienced in this particular wedding.

DRY – An excellent production by Stephanie Idahosa. The story is an expose on Vesico-Vaginal Fistula and a  challenge to the authorities to initiate a solution that would tackle this issue from the source.






MR AND MRS – All time favourite story detailing the challenges faced by this particular couple. It is the story of life and lessons learned, a must watch!

OCTOBER 1st – The first Nigerian thriller that makes sense! Even more exciting is the fact that it is set in the 60’s. Well done to producer/director Kunle Afolayan.

BRAVE – One of the first movies featuring the celebrated Adesua Etomi – soon to be Mrs Banky Wellington.  It is a short -film but emotionally thrilling. Beautiful acting by the leads.

THE VISIT – Only 4 actors but they gave a performance as good as 40. The dialogue is fresh and engaging. Keep the kids away from this one.

THE MEETING – Produced by Rita Dominic, this one is a must watch. It explains the intricacies of seeking appointments in the government parastatals of Abuja, Nigeria. A very serious issue but told in a comedic setting. This movie has it all including cupid’s arrow!

PHONE SWAP – 2 people from different walks of life swap phones by accident. One is a budding fashion designer and the other is an accomplished entrepreneur. A very smartly told story that is sure to tug at your heart strings – it is a Kunle Afolayan production after all.



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