LIVE!!! -Inspirational piece by Dawn Lulu-Briggs

My thoughts are that you can’t go through life shrinking and holding back. Security seems to be our God. There’s a famous quote that says, The graveyard is the wealthiest place in the world.” The reason is not difficult to figure out. Dare to live, dare to be different, dare to march to the beat of your own drum. Security is really just fear dressed up and fear shrinks, but love expands. The world awaits you, awaits your voice, your gifting, your sparkle. Is there no tiny voice inside you whispering, “I want better?” Is there no hunger? No burn? 

 The thing is everyday you say no to your dreams, you push YOU back. 

Every time you say yes when you mean no, you give away your power. 

Everyday you procrastinate you shrink another part of you. 

Your emotions should not control you. In fact DON’T let your emotions control you.

We are a people with feelings, but until we begin to discipline ourselves, until we hold our emotions tight and learn to direct them, they will use us. 

If you want life to change, you have to change.

If your want life to be better, you have to get better. 

Lady Luck will show up for you, but she’ll leave you. It’s only if you’re constantly improving who you are then boom, suddenly things change. 

There’s a market out there, but do you have anything of value to sell? 

In other words see if you can continue doubling your value, you will win, work on YOU and you’ll see your income will soon suddenly start to change. If you can push through the difficulties, the pain, the hurts, the rejections, the mocking’s, you’ll find something greater on the other side. I promise.

It’s true you cannot get to the end of your journey without making a few mistakes.

Each time I made a mistake I packed it up. I gave up on myself. I beat myself up so much mentally that I couldn’t even look at the mistake I made to make corrections. Thing is when I felt ready to start again, I had to start from scratch. Apart from that, if you don’t have confidence it shows. People just don’t trust you with what you say you do. So find it within yourself to stick with what you do. Push! Push! Push! 

Learn! Question! I can’t stress it enough. Learn and Question! Stop crying over your situation, do something about it instead. Make up your mind, don’t play safe, set goals, create opportunity, define what you want in life and burn all your bridges so you can’t go back to status quo. Wake up from mediocrity. Live my friends… Live. 





Dawn is an entrepreneur, speaker and singer. A dedicated wife and mum,

she is also passionate about fashion and photography. Follow on Instagram – marjanidlb.


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