Who are we?



Welcome to DC! Yes we already gave ourselves a pet name. Why not?!  After years of living in Diaspora and all the attendant struggles, we are finally at a place where we can give back.

Information is the most powerful thing you can give an individual new to a country. The initial years can be daunting for you and your family in a new country. Even for new students particularly at the post-graduate level, planning next steps can be fraught with difficulty. Sometimes you might miss home and need an information outlet.

DC is that community for all of us that have been “adopted” by a foreign land. Whatever stage you find yourself, we have something to help you climb the next rung of the ladder. Our contributors are ordinary people like you and me that made that move to a foreign land and are willing to share their stories and experiences.

From finding the right school, to growing your career, to buying your first house, we have information that will take you one step further.

Every now and then we will have posts on events or entertainment for your reading pleasure plus our Social Saturday category which will have your celebratory stories! Please feel free to be a contributor as we are counting on varied experiences to grow our resource base.

Don’t seat at home sweating it out on how to survive, we’ve done the hard work for you!

By the way what sets us apart is that our stories are real!

This is why you must credit all our work to us and also include links to our site.





Diaspora Chronicles