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Much ado about British names

My roots are African and I carry my Nigerian name proudly. I keep hearing variations of my name in the UK due to pronunciation difficulty but whenever I get the opportunity, I try to get whoever to pronounceContinue reading

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Naija Party Hits for Summer!

The party invites are rolling in as Summer is now in full swing. So you want to have a party eh? Get your DJ to play the tunes below and watch your guests go down! Its allContinue reading

Cross-Atlantic Tales

Why won’t you come back home?

This question has become a recurring decimal in my life, as family and friends continue to hound me. They go on to point out my peer group in similar careers that have returned home toContinue reading

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Sunny family holidays in Europe

Seeing as its holiday season, DC has collated some family friendly destinations in Europe for you and your family.  Not only is it more affordable, holidays in these coastal regions of Europe have been specifically tailoredContinue reading

Cross-Atlantic Tales

You need Credit to get Credit

We had just moved to the UK then with what we thought was the big bucks until experience showed us otherwise. For clarity, do  click here to get an idea of how funds can quickly deplete inContinue reading


Nursing Bursary Reform

Effective August 1st this year, all nursing and most allied health nurses will no longer receive NHS bursaries. The NHS bursary was an annual payment provided by the NHS to help students with their tuition and living costs. StudyingContinue reading