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Cross-Atlantic Tales

Why won’t you come back home?

This question has become a recurring decimal in my life, as family and friends continue to hound me. They go on to point out my peer group in similar careers that have returned home toContinue reading

Cross-Atlantic Tales

You need Credit to get Credit

We had just moved to the UK then with what we thought was the big bucks until experience showed us otherwise. For clarity, do  click here to get an idea of how funds can quickly deplete inContinue reading

Cross-Atlantic Tales

My Experience with Nigerian Churches in America

I have always been an advocate of the Pentecostal church and even when I migrated to the US, I continued attending a Nigerian Pentecostal church. However, a couple of years later, I am certain thatContinue reading

Cross-Atlantic Tales

Perception and Reality

She was an average built and very attractive lady. Her hair and clothing were always unique – i dare say she was one classy lady. The one constant thing about her though was that scowl.Continue reading

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Let your light Shine – Diaspora News

Electricity is a sine qua non but in Africa it is virtually  impossible to have constant light. Nationals in a country like Nigeria can have up to  “32 eight-hour power outages per month” as quotedContinue reading

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Transforming Dubai’s Fashion Scene – The evolution of Runway Dubai

I still pinch myself every time I remember that the fashion frontier of Dubai is being driven by an African Woman. Our position as Diasporas is so powerful because we bring a different perspective toContinue reading

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Raising a 21st Century child in Diaspora

Raising a 21st century child in diaspora is a whole new ball game when compared to the past. Take for instance, my mother didn’t think anything wrong in slapping me at the age of 18 forContinue reading