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Much ado about British names

My roots are African and I carry my Nigerian name proudly. I keep hearing variations of my name in the UK due to pronunciation difficulty but whenever I get the opportunity, I try to get whoever to pronounceContinue reading


Scholarships again

More scholarships is a follow up to the first article we did, click here. It is still officially scholarship season for most and the emails we are getting attest to the fact that we need toContinue reading


Scholarships! Scholarships!! Even more Scholarships!!!

Do not underestimate your ability to secure a scholarship. Read instructions and apply and you just never know. The stars do align every now and again! Remember Odam’s Scholarship Story, as that is enough toContinue reading


Accepted by 8 American Ivy League Universities

Every year for the last 4 years, when results are released, I see our kids in Diaspora making a home run. As they get admitted into Ivy League schools in the States, their home countriesContinue reading

Cross-Atlantic Tales, Education

Raising a 21st Century child in Diaspora

Raising a 21st century child in diaspora is a whole new ball game when compared to the past. Take for instance, my mother didn’t think anything wrong in slapping me at the age of 18 forContinue reading


The joys of schooling in Hungary

The economic situation in Nigeria is pushing parents to seek alternative provisions for their children’s university education. This is not such a bad thing as there are so many other excellent choices out there thatContinue reading


National Offer Day Blues

    National Offer Day is when children in the UK discover what secondary school they have been allocated for September. The headlines seen so far in some of the national dailies has been daunting.Continue reading