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Exactly a week ago from today was the very much anticipated AFWL. It was a burst of fashion, trends and creativity as emerging fashion designers and models lit the runway with their unique offering. This wouldContinue reading

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3 Women I admire…

This weekend, I introduce to you 3 women that inspire me. They remind me that wherever in the world that I find myself, I can still excel and enthuse others to success. These women have crossedContinue reading

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Naija Party Hits for Summer!

The party invites are rolling in as Summer is now in full swing. So you want to have a party eh? Get your DJ to play the tunes below and watch your guests go down! Its allContinue reading

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Sunny family holidays in Europe

Seeing as its holiday season, DC has collated some family friendly destinations in Europe for you and your family.  Not only is it more affordable, holidays in these coastal regions of Europe have been specifically tailoredContinue reading

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15 Must Watch Nollywood Movies!

Welcome to Social Saturday ! If you happen to be a weekend couch potato like yours truly, then it helps when someone recommends a movie, as it makes your search a whole lot easier. ObviouslyContinue reading

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Relocation opened a new Door – Ronniestreats

I told you DC readers that today would be a “sweet day” literally. Today, we introduce Ronniestreats based in Ontario, Canada. Ronniestreats is a hobby that is on the verge of becoming a full-fledged business.Continue reading

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Disney Florida – Helpful Tips

Disney Florida is never going to be a cheap holiday but this post will assist you in planning so that you can reduce on the expenses. If your bank balance is not bulging at theContinue reading