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Cross-Atlantic Tales, News

Catch a boat to work for free!

If you are living in the Kent axis of England then this is for you. To tackle the stressful commute from Kent to London by road or train, one company is offering commuters a chanceContinue reading

Cross-Atlantic Tales, News

Let your light Shine – Diaspora News

Electricity is a sine qua non but in Africa it is virtually  impossible to have constant light. Nationals in a country like Nigeria can have up to  “32 eight-hour power outages per month” as quotedContinue reading


Marriage Allowance – every little helps

One of the legacies of the Cameron administration is the marriage allowance. While this tax allowance is not available to everyone, it is still worth checking. The Marriage Allowance will let you transfer £1,100 of yourContinue reading


Migration – Stand up and be counted

Migration is almost akin to an evil word these days. Do you walk around sometimes feeling like you are stepping on toes even when you aren’t? At a hospital in Romford, a man once yelled at my familyContinue reading


She’s been “Trumped”!

CBC news is reporting that Canadian lady Manpreet Kooner was turned back at the U.S boarder after being told she needed a valid immigrant visa to enter the country. She was on a spa tripContinue reading


People are not dying in the UK!

Ok I am just messing with you (insert smiley). On a serious note, The Telegraph is reporting that the UK population is bursting at the seams and that come 2050 it will be the largest country inContinue reading