Say hello to Chief Eddy and Dr Chika Odunze

What makes being successful so important is the value that it can add  to society when put to good use. Many years ago Eddy Odunze and his wife Dr Chika Odunze left Nigeria to seek greener pastures in Trinidad and Tobago. Chika needed to advance her medical career and hubby was solidly behind her. Upon relocating, Eddy, formerly an advertising executive in Nigeria,  gave it all up to pursuing teaching. They would eventually move to the UK where Chika continued to develop her practice in Medicine. Eddy became a practitioner in Education and rose to the position of Assistant Head of a College.  The couple after spending about 15 years in the UK, moved again to Canada. Today they own 2 medical centres in Calgary. Eddy is also managing a property concern.

A couple of years back, they flew an entire medical team back home to their village in Nigeria to treat indigenes and distribute medicines. It is with joy that the community recently invited them back to confer them with chieftaincy titles – Enyioha and Adaoha. Enyioha which is Chief Eddy’s title means – friend of the community while Adaoha – Dr Odunze’s title means first daughter of the community. DC celebrates this great honour with them and we encourage them as they embark on more “give back” projects.


















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