Be careful out there – I see you!

Have you ever noticed when an incident is being reported in the UK that there is always someone who will provide some kind of information to assist the authorities. I live on a quiet cul-de-sac that is as good as dead during office hours. However it surprises me that a delivery man will drop off a parcel for someone living several houses away from me on the only day that I did not go to work. Apparently someone must have noticed that my car was still on the driveway after 7am. Today’s story is to draw your attention to the fact that there are retirees or others, reading the papers, sipping their coffee and looking out the window. Don’t worry, we will all get there!

Funmi’s experience:

Having relocated about 6 years now, Funmi was still grappling with finding a job. To make ends meet she started catering for Nigerian parties. Being a fantastic cook made this a breeze for her. Her small business made rapid growth as her happy customers spread the word. The cooking was being done from her small house. Not quite sure how she managed to churn out all that food from that little kitchen but it didn’t matter as the food was fantastic. From parties, she moved on to weddings, news was gaining ground among the African community in her city.

One day there was a knock on the door. It was officials of the council. They wanted to know if she was running a business from her home. Funmi said she wasn’t but that she loved cooking for her friends. The conversation went back and forth for a few minutes as she kept trying to defend herself. They finally took the bull by the horn and informed Funmi that they were aware of her bulk cooking and they showed her a picture to prove it. The picture was from 2 weeks back and in it my dear friend was smiling and loading an SUV with 6 coolers. Game over! She was asked to move as she had flouted the housing agreement. Mind you, on that particular day she was loading the coolers at about 5:30am on a Saturday morning and yet someone was watching.

This is not a negative story as the neighbourhood watch have been known to provide information that has assisted in saving lives. The moral of this story is just for you to be careful out there.


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