Migration – Stand up and be counted

Migration is almost akin to an evil word these days. Do you walk around sometimes feeling like you are stepping on toes even when you aren’t? At a hospital in Romford, a man once yelled at my family asking us to go back to our country. He was frustrated because we were ahead of him on the queue to see a consultant. Truth is, we are now British, and we are here to stay. Full stop!!!!

Ok so the Global Citizen website is reporting 8 surprising facts about Migration. Some of them I already knew while others were just too surprising not to share.

Below is a snippet and my comments.

  1. The UK is the 10th largest source of migrants to the rest of the world. Out of all the European countries UK has the largest number of citizens living abroad. Wow! So what is good for the gander is good for the goose.
  2. Only one-third of immigrants to the UK come from EU countries.
  3. The UK population greatly overestimates the proportion of immigrants in the country. It turns out that there are 13% migrants in the UK even though the British think it is 21% based on perception.
  4. “Mass” was the most commonly used word to describe “immigration” by the British media from 2006-2015. Now this is just blowing it out of proportion innit?
  5. ‘immigrants’ or ‘migrants’, rather than ‘immigration,’  the word ‘illegal’ was used 3 out of 10 times. Migration is not always illegal!
  6. Overall, migrants give more to the UK than they take. 26% of doctors in the NHS are foreign. Think about all the taxes collected!
  7. A 2014 British social attitudes survey found that 24% of the public believed the most common motive for immigration was welfare. “93% of people claiming welfare payments like job seeker’s allowance or disability benefits are British nationals. Most people that move have “no recourse to public funds” stamped on their passports and it therefore difficult to access any welfare even if they wanted to. This report also says that 2/3rds of all immigrants already have job offers.
  8. Britain’s official favourite dish, fish and chips — was brought to the UK by a Jewish refugee! Bon Appetit anyone.

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