Moving abroad – How much do you really need?


Ahamba’s world had come crashing down. His procurement and logistics business had been hit badly by the spate of kidnappings in his beloved country. He had been made redundant after a seemingly flourishing 9 year career in the financial industry. This business had been the fall back plan. Alas! It had gone downhill. It looked like relocation could be the answer to his problems.  He quickly sorted out relocation documentation, sold up all his belongings and assets, raised £12,000, and moved with his family to England. £12,000 in 2008 would seem like a lot of money, in fact it still is!

Family accommodated them for a bit and then they had to chart their own course. There is a reason why people write songs about bills or “Billz”.

On a monthly basis, the basic spend for this family of 4 was as below;

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3 thoughts on “Moving abroad – How much do you really need?

  1. I don’t think Ahamba took the right approach as he put himself and his family through undue stress which was easily avoidable.
    A better approach would have been to visit alone and familiarize himself with the UK, the way it works, the job market, housing issues etc. His friends would then not feel obliged to house a whole family and he could potentially have stayed with friends for longer or rented a room in a shared house till he secured a job before calling for the family.
    The UK is expensive, especially in places like London where you have to pay 6-8 weeks rent as a security deposit.
    I’m glad he eventually got sorted and I hope readers considering a move will plan ahead and bear this in mind.

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