Nursing Bursary Reform

Effective August 1st this year, all nursing and most allied health nurses will no longer receive NHS bursaries. The NHS bursary was an annual payment provided by the NHS to help students with their tuition and living costs. Studying nursing in universities in the UK was therefore free! However, this provision has now ended with the September 2016/17 intakes. All those admitted to University for all nursing related courses will now seek out a loan via the student loans system like all other under-graduates. Loans will be repaid once graduates hit a £21k salary. Please see Nursing Reforms for details. The previous offering made nursing very popular as it was a quick fix for career building particularly for immigrants. Never-the-less, here’s hoping that this shouldn’t demoralise future nursing students because nursing still remains that one vacancy in the job market that never gets full. Good luck!



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