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Electricity is a sine qua non but in Africa it is virtually  impossible to have constant light. Nationals in a country like Nigeria can have up to  “32 eight-hour power outages per month” as quoted by the Spark Online Website. The exciting news however, is that of Nigerian/American Jessica O. Matthews who has invented a soccer ball that can generate three hours of LED light after 30 minutes of play. The special ball aptly named Soccket Ball was created after Ms Matthews experienced power outages while at home in Nigeria for a wedding. The noisy pollution ridden generators sparked this idea and Ms Matthews took action. It is worth knowing that Soccket Ball is one of the many inventions of Jessica’s tech company – Uncharted Play. Jessica, a Harvard alumnus, is putting plans underway to assist countries in Africa to alleviate electricity outages using this invention. She has secured $7mm funding for this power solution; this could mean a “brighter” future for Africa.


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