Inspire Career series – Teaching in Middle East Asia

 Welcome to our 6-question series of Inspire Career

When did you relocate and what made you relocate?

I relocated to England in 1993 and from it in 2010. Following ten enormously rewarding and challenging years teaching the sciences in two inner city secondary schools, it was time for a change that included daily sunshine! Seven years later and and in my fourth overseas teaching post, I’m loving my work. Not sure I’ll teach forever but who knows what the future holds. Being adaptable improves my experience of change.

Did you face any challenges initially?

I miss my family but technology has eased this. I connect with family and friends through video calls. I visit as often as I can or get them to visit me. This is my homing ritual.

How did you choose your career?

Biomedical Science degree was taken but the research element, though interesting, was not a long term option for me. Discussion with careers advice and psychometric testing showed I had strong traits for planning and teaching, a career I had never considered! Choosing a subject to specialise in was trickier as my aptitude is more mathematical but in the end went for the enjoyment of my subject, Biology.

What is your 5 year plan career-wise?

 Intend to change careers within the next 5 years. Looking at a few options at the moment.

In retrospect would you have done anything differently?

 Nothing really because of the way I see life. I see myself as a free spirit. I am a Nigerian-born and definitely a ‘third culture kid’. (Not sure how much longer I can hold on to the kid part! 😏). Partly educated in international schools, now I teach in them in the Middle East.

Many people have a true and fixed sense of home. I make mine wherever I am.
I have lived in 6 countries and spent a total of less than 10 years in Nigeria. I still haven’t decided where I want to ‘put down roots’. Not sure I do! I take life as it comes.

Advice for anyone wishing to relocate?

 There is no secret formula to relocation. Well if there is, I haven’t found it! Join in, be inspired, be inspiring. Don’t say no to new experiences, get to know people by getting involved. You never know, you may even enjoy it and find true friends from all over the world.


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  1. Men this is something I am definitely interested in. However I am not a teacher but will still investigate. You did not say anything negative about the middle east so I guess I can still keep exploring. thanks.

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