Diaspora Chronicles: Finding the Right School For Your Child

Migrating anywhere is not easy. It is even more challenging when you’re constrained by the absence of the educational or professional requirements for the place you’re moving to. The challenge of settling in – with or without family- always seems like a daunting feat. BellaNaija Contributor, Uloma Ezirim, has decided to share a 3-part series called Diaspora Chronicles. In this honest and refreshing segment, she shares some of her experiences since she moved to the UK. Read Part I HERE

State, Grammar or Private? For every forward thinking parent in the UK with a 9 year old child, that is a familiar question.
So I live in a nice-ish neighbourhood in Greater London and my child is 9 – already attending a state primary school. For us, private school was not an option as we could not afford it. However, I feel confident that I am making the right choices for my child – as they are attending a “2” school.

In the UK, all schools are regulated and inspected for effectiveness by Ofsted (Office for standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills). After each inspection exercise, schools are rated 1-4. Where 1 is Outstanding, 2 is good, 3 is requires improvement and 4 is inadequate.

Soon my comfort zone would be rocked as some vital information became apparent. Click here to Read More


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