Month: May 2017

Social Saturday

Sunny family holidays in Europe

Seeing as its holiday season, DC has collated some family friendly destinations in Europe for you and your family.  Not only is it more affordable, holidays in these coastal regions of Europe have been specifically tailoredContinue reading

Cross-Atlantic Tales

You need Credit to get Credit

We had just moved to the UK then with what we thought was the big bucks until experience showed us otherwise. For clarity, do  click here to get an idea of how funds can quickly deplete inContinue reading


Nursing Bursary Reform

Effective August 1st this year, all nursing and most allied health nurses will no longer receive NHS bursaries. The NHS bursary was an annual payment provided by the NHS to help students with their tuition and living costs. StudyingContinue reading

Social Saturday

15 Must Watch Nollywood Movies!

Welcome to Social Saturday ! If you happen to be a weekend couch potato like yours truly, then it helps when someone recommends a movie, as it makes your search a whole lot easier. ObviouslyContinue reading


Scholarships! Scholarships!! Even more Scholarships!!!

Do not underestimate your ability to secure a scholarship. Read instructions and apply and you just never know. The stars do align every now and again! Remember Odam’s Scholarship Story, as that is enough toContinue reading

Cross-Atlantic Tales

My Experience with Nigerian Churches in America

I have always been an advocate of the Pentecostal church and even when I migrated to the US, I continued attending a Nigerian Pentecostal church. However, a couple of years later, I am certain thatContinue reading