All in the details – Bead Jewellery

I love brooches with a passion. I believe nothing screams lady than that little or medium accessory on your outfit. Imagine my joy when I noticed that the data analyst at work loved brooches too, even more exciting, she makes them! Diaspora Living like I explained here, is all about finding  your inner talent and utilising it effectively to earn that much needed extra income.  Seeing “my lady” at work is always a delight as she showcases these unique pieces that I cannot help but notice. I have for the last one month stalked this poor lady at work just to capture the pictures below. She makes neck pieces, hair accessories, earrings, shoes, furniture, soaps and more. I call her the Octopus lady! Her instagram page is bead_jewellery; do please show her some love DC People.

By the way, help me tell her that bead Jewellery is a very limiting name, considering she does much more. lol. Enjoy!

customised soaps
Handmade artistic stool

Bath truffles

2 thoughts on “All in the details – Bead Jewellery

  1. I always find it intriguing when people can hold down a job and still have a side hustle. Well done young lady. I will go check out your page but I need to join Instagram first. Old school is worrying me.

  2. Nice one, this woman is good with her hands. lol I agree that she needs to change her name, maybe to Octolady or something like that. On a serious note, this post is eye candy/

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