DC’s Top 10 Movies

The movies in this selection are not big budget films but they will help you pass time on an idle evening or weekend. I select the films I watch based on reviews from others so here’s hoping this should be useful for our readers – that is if you are into Nollywood. No spoilers so don’t worry.

When love happens again

The lovely Weruche Opia makes a come back in this romantic flick also starring Udoka Oyeka as her love interest. As usual she lives up to expectation in delivering her role.  The story line is still centred around her event planning career but with a little twist this time. The story has some coincidences that bother on the ridiculous but the suave actors, their banter and good costuming should make up for the lapses. Bottom line, I enjoyed it and I’m sure you will too.

Picture Perfect

Now listen! If anyone had told me lover boy, muscle man, American speaking Bolanle Ninalowo would deliver on this area boy role so effectively, I would have never believed it. Biodun Stephen continues to prove herself as a different kind of writer and I am indeed a fan. The story revolves around a tailor (Mary Remmy Njoku) whose path criss-crosses with that of an area boy on the night her vehicle breaks down. No its not where you think its leading, this is not a Royal Arts Academy movie oooooo! You have to watch it to believe it- this is an interesting tale. There were serious issues with subtitles though and I am not Yoruba, but don’t worry most of it was in English so you will be fine.

Naomi’s Dilemma

The poster for the movie practically unravels the entire storyline. It would have been nice if Ramsey was pictured with the initial love interest Bimbo Ademoye and then the twist was revealed in the movie. However, I guess they wanted to promote the movie with the plot which is mainly mother and daughter falling in love with the same man. It is very predictable and often silly. I like Susan for her eclectic fashion sense and of course Ramsey is a fine actor. However costuming is always a problem in our movies so although the clothes are nice they are hardly appropriate for workwear. This movie is average but as we haven’t seen Ramsey Noah for yonks hopefully that should stimulate you to want to see this movie.

3 Wisemen

Now this is a unique one featuring 3 mature actors playing the roles of retirees. Not quite sure RMD should have been lumped with Zack Orji and Victor Olaotan but somehow it worked. RMD showed how versatile he can be and he played his part to perfection as the Waffi pensioner. The story is simply about 3 retirees who just received their gratuities and ran amok. This one with get you in stitches every now and then but the acting seemed to have been one-sided with RMD aptly named Irikefe doing most of the talking. The story line is weak, the supporting cast (wives of the lead actors) added little or nothing to the film and it had a rushed meaningless ending. However it all doesn’t matter as you get to see your favourite veteran actors make a fool of themselves plus there’s RMD!


Good story line albeit a very low budget movie with scenes centred around a few locations. The stiff but lovable Bolanle Ninalowo and hard working Ruth Kadiri are the lead in this movie. Bolanle who is the heir to the company decides to work undercover as a gateman to gain insight on the company he is about to inherit. In the line of duty, he gets slapped, spat on and generally treated badly by co-workers. There is a love interest and you can imagine what happens when all is revealed. Need I say more? Predictable but nice and relatable.

Who cheats more

So eye candy Van Vicker falls hopelessly in love with Ruth Kadiri and proposes and then it goes downhill from there. The story is interesting but needs more work to give it that professional touch. Halfway through, the movie almost looses the plot and then it becomes a coincidence fest which is typical of our movies. When we don’t know where else to go, the sister of the playboy now becomes the former pastor of the father of the playboy. You know the deal. The banter between Vicker and Kadiri is real enough as they are both good actors. Take out your brain and focus on enjoying it and you will. These movies are often not for the Oscars; they are just for pure entertainment and for you to see how Nigeria has developed when it comes to fashion, cars, fine dining and “runs”!

16th Anniversary

It was a lovely mix of the old and new Nollywood in this movie starring Eucharia Anunobi, Tony Umez and Mercy Johnson. In a nutshell, this  is a story of betrayal and all began to unveil on the 16th wedding anniversary of the couple. The story line is not so predictable which is good but there were some strange twists to the plot. Some scenes were bizarre and unexplainable but to enjoy it, you have to ignore it. That is the way with most Nollywood films anyway. The acting was solid, particularly from Mercy who had enough emotion for everyone else in the movie. I put away the critique in me, ignored the lapses, focused on the acting and had a good time. I urge you to do the same. Please.

The real side chics

So this is a chic flick raised to the power of infinity. It is what it says on the tin! 3 women living together, engaged in undesirable relationships. It is the kind of movie that gets you hot and bothered; so many unanswered questions! Yes I am all for locking up your brain in order to enjoy a movie, but tell me – how do 3 jobless girls live in a mansion?! Is this really how Nigeria is? Anyway there is some entertainment value in this movie and a few learning points for the “runs” girl and those that choose to live in denial. The fashion is good too, even when they are fast asleep, as is expected. Lol!

The Surrogate

If you live in the UK and watch Channel 24 like I do then you definitely have seen this story line before. It is the typical surrogacy gone wrong type story. My interest in the film was the under-rated Fredrick Leonard and the super Nse Ikpe-Etim – both can do no wrong in my eyes. The story line was very predictable with a few unbelievable scenes.  There is a particular scene – the wedding scene to be precise where everyone had orange or pink lips. If it was a rock and roll video then this would have been forgivable. However this was supposed to be a thriller, telling a serious story with perhaps some strong learning points. New comer Nancy Isime did an alright job with her role but then how well can one do with a story that isn’t tight. If you like Fredrick and Nse then you can watch this one!

Soul Tie

Nigerian directors are now venturing in to the unusual with 2-cast movies such as this. Produced by Frank Rajah Arase, this is definitely not your run-of-the-mill type movie. This movie tells the story of a couple who got married without having full knowledge of each other. Arase describes the movie as a dramedy – “film in which the comic elements derive mainly from character and plot development”.  Soul Tie is a good attempt at creating a period piece seeing that it was set in the 70’s. The execution wasn’t perfect though “think louvres” not “sliding windows”. Anyway the chemistry between lead actors Ramsey Nouah and Okawa Shaznay was good.  The story line slipped every now and then but it is still worth the watch.



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  1. I loved this movie #Soul Tie, i am an Iroko TV junkie and have watched most of this movies, going to watch of the rest this evening. I am watching one now #Bound by tradition and it is extremely funny

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