Express Entry Immigration – Canada

“The Express Entry program is for those wishing to move to Canada permanently under the Skilled Worker program, Skilled Trades program or the Canadian Experience Class. Applicants are able to create an online profile, and then those who meet the minimum criteria will be accepted into the pool of applicants.”

Canada launched the Express Entry Visa System on the 1st January 2015 as a means of speeding up its permanent residency process such that decision times are in 6 months or less.  While it has stimulated the migration process, there are mixed reviews regarding the process. The Express Entry system is better in terms of turn-around times for applications for the highly skilled but it might not favour low-skilled workers.

One of the main positives of the system is that it has revolutionized the visa application process by giving the Canadian employers the opportunity to pick the right candidates who the Government then go on to invite to apply for permanent residency. It’s almost like a “Online Job Bank“!

Another positive is that Citizenship and Immigration Canada identify and select those who are most likely to succeed in Canada, based on work experience, education, language and other factors.  Therefore, there is no time or money wasting as it is obvious immediately if you are what they seek. 

In a nutshell, benefits for candidate;

  • Immigrate to Canada in approximately 6-months
  • Secure Canadian employment
  • A job offer is a significant benefit, but not required

and employers:

  • Select pre-screened skilled immigrants
  • No government fees
  • Fast processing

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