Immigrate to Australia – Skilled Independent Visa

They are various categories for migrating to Australia but our focus for this article is the Skilled Independent visa; it is a point-based system. The Skilled Independent visa is also referred to as the Sub Class 189 stream.

This stream allows eligible skilled workers to relocate legally to Australia as permanent residents. There is no need for a family member or an employer to sponsor you, it is purely based on your meeting stipulated points.

To be eligible:

  • you must have a relevant occupation
  • have a suitable skills assessment
  • meet the points test mark of 60
  • be aged under 45
  • speak competent English
  • be invited to apply by the Australian Government.

Once again this is quite similar to what Canada is doing which is confirming that you are eligible before giving you the option to apply.

For full details on how this works please follow link here.

Remember that before you begin, you need to clarify that your occupation is on the Skilled Occupations List.

The next step is to obtain a valid skills assessment with the relevant authority. Information on which authority to contact is on the occupation list above. However to see details of all the authorities do click Skills Assessment Authorities.

When you have sorted out all the above then you can write your EOI – Expression of Interest letter.

After submitting your EOI, you wait for an invitation to apply for your visa from the Australian Government.

The entire process can take up to 12months even though most are completed by 7months, so good luck!

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