My Tinder Experience – Zee’s Story

When Zee sent me this story, I was tempted not to publish as it is not our typical type of story. However there is a lesson to be learnt, so I thought why not?! So there you go, hope someone can pick up something from this story. Enjoy.


On this very day, I was bored so I decided to go on Tinder to see what was on there. I attend a big university but with my not being a social butterfly as such, it has been my go-to-place to meet guys. I do have a few friends who had met their soul mates on Social Media, so I felt like it was worth the chance. My venture into Tinder therefore was for a possible relationship.

If you know Tinder, you would know that sometimes you’ve got good or bad days. On this particular occasion, I got matched with this good looking guy called Brandon (name changed). I was surprised, we even matched. Honestly I didn’t even know why I swiped right on him, maybe it was as a result of one of those stupid “left or right” games, I like to play on Tinder.  Brandon was one of those guys that “looked too good” in their pictures. I wasn’t sure if he was a model or he just liked to Photoshop his pictures. Anyway, he messaged me and we started talking on Tinder. We eventually switched to text. He seemed to be the quiet type but he knew how to give a girl butterflies with his wooing technique.

One day, I had a late morning class so I decided to while away time by chatting with Brandon. I asked if he wanted to FaceTime and he was fine with it. I called him and Lo and behold, he was just as fine as his Tinder picture, wearing a white T-shirt and watching TV. However he was awfully quiet on the phone and I seemed to be the one pushing him to speak hence I cut the phone short as I just wasn’t entertained and I had to go to class. A week into our texting, he suddenly became friendlier and would send me cute stuff like still single? Can I have you? You are so cool. I started getting very interested with all that flattery. May be this was it, a soul mate!

My roommate and I were supposed to go back to my home for Spring Break but a snowstorm in my location meant our trains were cancelled and it didn’t make any sense to go back home for just a couple of days. We therefore stayed back in school – a little part of me happy that I could still see Brandon.

I called him up and after I mentioned my botched travel plans, he decided that we should meet up. I told him to wait until school resumed and the weather was better but he said he couldn’t wait and would like to come over to my place. I knew I had my mother-hen friend/roommate at home so it wasn’t such a bad idea. On the agreed day, I was beginning to get excited waiting for Brandon. He however texted saying his phone was not working because he was trying to change his phone plan blah blah blah. He also said his friends were not willing to drop him off as the weather was bad. He complained about how his coming late to mine would mean spending less time with me. I felt like he wanted me to offer that he stayed the night but I ignored that and helped him call a cab.  In retrospect, I see now that there were many signs about Brandon that I should have paid attention to.

Brandon would soon arrive and my friend let him in. She whispered something to me about his being cute and more. Anyway, she went upstairs after introductions and we started to watch the TV. Brandon didn’t have much to say but I pushed him to speak a little about himself. Apparently he was 26 years old, had tried his hands on modelling in Newyork, when this failed he moved back home. He had no family, at least he insinuated that. He was just here trying to make ends meet. I asked him about the date tattoo on his hand and he said it was a tattoo with the date he bought his dog.

Soon after we started to make out, it was quite intense and I could not concentrate on the movie. A few moments into our cuddling his wallet dropped on the floor and I took it, trying to catch a glimpse of his details. I immediately noticed his name was completely different.  I quickly memorized the name as I planned to check him out. I did not sleep with him as I really did not want my first experience to be with someone I met on Tinder. He left mine around mid-night. We kept in touch some more and I started to feel more comfortable. Then before our next outing it occurred to me to check him up on social media.  After a bit of searching I saw him! There he was grinning like a Cheshire cat with his wife and kid. He was very much the family man. The sad part about it is that I was volunteering at my cities annual fashion event that month and his wife was part of the designers show-casing their styles. I recognized her as I had in fact bumped into her a few times.  Brandon lived in another town and was only coming to my town to do business.  I was just supposed to be the side piece while he completed his family business. Anyway on the day of the show I saw him in the background eyeballing my friend and I. He dropped a note for me about how he would deal ruthlessly with me if I ever said a word to his wife.

Now I am a 21 year old girl studying Engineering. I should have more sense you would think, but loneliness does things to people and I know quite a number of us in University get up to this mischief. I feel ashamed but now I do know better. Good thing I kept my goods intact!






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