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I stumbled upon this company’s booth at the recently concluded African Fashion Week London. What attracted me to then approach the Managing director (MD) was the fact that their stall stood out amidst those of other vendors. Theirs was not a fashion stall but a skin care line and their display was aesthetically pleasing.  An array of beautifully packaged products were loving displayed for our viewing pleasure. There was also a visual presentation on how the company sources for its ingredients in Africa and the benefits of the finished products. As I watched and listened to it all, I got so charmed at the intricacy of the production methods for their organic and yet affordable creams. I have since then tried out their Yara kids body food for eczema and I am pleased at the results. If you are like me and have children with dry skin or eczema – this is common in the UK by the way – then this company might just have developed a cure, straight from nature. The main ingredients for the Yara kids body food is shea butter and coconut oil.

It is no surprise that this cream worked as the MD, Shalom Ijeoma Lloyd has had her fair share of children with skin issues. Read her story below;

Our Story:

In 2014, after three rounds of IVF, I gave birth to a beautiful set of twins! One of my twins, Joshua, was covered in eczema from birth and I spent months combining lotions, creams, emollients, teas – you name it – to stop his ‘scratch until drawing blood’ dilemma. I tapped into my African heritage and started to mix raw, ingredients from Africa – the scientist in me took over, experimenting and testing.

Using these natural ingredients and once I stumbled on the right formula, it miraculously only took three days for Joshua’s skin to become what it should have been at birth.  Naturally Tribal Skincare was born out of this personal experience and experimenting. Today, we are a UK Skincare company that uses Mother Nature’s gifts to create natural products, manufactured and tested in the UK with our ingredients ethically sourced, while supporting and empowering African women. We are supporting infrastructure to ensure quality and working conditions, particularly for the women of Essan, Niger State in Nigeria!

Establishing a means of income for these hardworking and beautiful women of Essan.

 The long them vision for this company is one I definitely buy in to as it is in line with the values of ethical trading. The vision is to ‘Win-Win –Win’;

  • Win for the people who use our products – our customers
  • Win for the people who we source the ingredients from – The African Women of Essan
  • Win for Naturally Tribal – a successful profitable business, creating employment, empowering women across continents

They are well on the way to achieving their purpose with the empowerment and developmental work going on with the women of Essan.

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