Good News! UK eases rules for Student Work Visas

In recent times, I have watched with sadness as loads of immigrant UK graduates who would have loved to forge a career in the UK leave the country due to no staying options. It is therefore with delight that I report that effective January 11th 2018, things will change.

New immigration rules will now allow foreign students to switch over to the skilled worker visa (known as Tier-2 visa) as soon as they finish their course. Students now have the time to find a job while still in the UK as they can apply for this visa even before the degree results are out.

 “According to current norms, they must wait until they obtain a degree to apply for the Tier-2 visa. This gave students only a small time frame to find a job while still in the UK. For example, students opting for higher education, such as a PG degree, had to wait for their thesis to be marked or a degree to be awarded after completing their course”.

Allowing international students to apply for a Tier-2 visa immediately after their course gives them more time to seek jobs and effectively convert from the student Tier-4 visa to a work one.

The mayor of London mayor Sadiq Khan, one of the drivers of this change has advocated a new category of post-study work visas. In his blueprint paper—’Immigration, a future approach’, Khan had pointed to dwindling international student numbers. His suggestion was that a post-study work visa should be distinct from the Tier-2 route and should enable students to work in the UK for 12-24 months after graduation.

This is fantastic news to start the New Year. Stay tuned for more information!

Information culled from Economic Times.


3 thoughts on “Good News! UK eases rules for Student Work Visas

  1. Please this new year Bless me with a diaspora husband. I will write you an email. I hear you reply emails so please check. If you give me a husband I will testify of your blog and you will get loads of readers I promise. This year should not pass me by. Sister help! By the way I have a visiting visa so I can come and see the person if you let me know. Thank you in advance

  2. Mabel, I laughed my head off when I saw this last night. I almost felt like going into the agony aunt business. On a serious note, I am on the look out for your email. Don’t worry what will be will be dear. By the way we have a story titled “what will be will be”. Love is never late, just hang in there and keep believing and also keep living right. Please write me, don’t be shy. love from DC!

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