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I told you DC readers that today would be a “sweet day” literally. Today, we introduce Ronniestreats based in Ontario, Canada. Ronniestreats is a hobby that is on the verge of becoming a full-fledged business. The thing about relocation is that it opens up our minds to endless possibilities. Before we get to the sweet part, let’s examine what led Ebuka to cakes and desserts.

The beginning:

When I moved to Canada, I had about 8yrs professional experience under my belt. I had worked for one of the leading Nigerian banks for 4yrs and my last job was as a Quality and Administration Manager for an Oil and Gas servicing firm – a job I totally loved. Even though I had the most amazing bosses and colleagues, I chose Love and this led me to the True North – best move ever! The rude awakening for me though was that here they weren’t really interested in all my experience outside Canada, they were more interested in “Canadian experience”. It was shocking but I didn’t let that deter me. As the kids started coming a career for me became non-existent. My career did not only take a back seat but it became caged in the trunk of a 7 seater! Lol.

Very first fondant cake

While nursing my second child, I went back to school to see if I could do a course that would get my derailed career on track. I had a career plan and though it seemed like it would work I still felt that something was missing. Not knowing what I kept on praying about it. One day my 1st son said “Mummy I want you to make a Ninja Turtle cake for me for my birthday”, how I wondered. Those simple muffins and banana bread recipes I was tossing together was never going to be transformed to a Ninja Turtle cake. However I got super excited. It immediately seemed like I had to get it right.


The transition:

I hit the web and that was it. I’d sneak in cake videos while doing assignments or reading for exams. After my last exam all I wanted to do was bake and create yummy treats for friends. Creating a business was the last thing on my mind as I had never thought that was my thing.

Cake on the right

Cake after cake after dessert, I kept pushing boundaries, particularly with the theme cakes. All the cakes I make are edible and every topper is handmade from scratch. I have even attempted to make my first pot of jam and it turned out great. This journey has been mind-blowing with many people giving unending support. One of  my most fulfilling moments was when the author of the book (Under the Udala Trees) that I had baked acknowledged my work. I am now called artistic- imagine! That word and I have never been used in same line. Call me noisy, loud, “cray” but definitely not artistic.  God has been good to me, he has shown me so much favour.  I am now able to do things I never dreamt possible. If someone else had told me I would create these cakes and desserts, I would have rolled on the floor and laughed for a full day (yep I can laugh that long non-stop lol).

Current Situation and last words;

I still have a full time job which I love and my baking which I love too. This is one love triangle that is here to stay. I might not be where I want to be career wise but I am getting there slowly but surely by his Grace. I am in awe of this new discovered gift and I am grateful for my supporters – family, friends and mentors. Cake making has given me new amazing friends and taught me so many new lessons. There is no short cut to getting what you want people! You have to put in time and investment and then you sit back and watch God work his wonders. 

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