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Cross-Atlantic Tales

My Experience with Nigerian Churches in America

I have always been an advocate of the Pentecostal church and even when I migrated to the US, I continued attending a Nigerian Pentecostal church. However, a couple of years later, I am certain thatContinue reading

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Disney Florida – Helpful Tips

Disney Florida is never going to be a cheap holiday but this post will assist you in planning so that you can reduce on the expenses. If your bank balance is not bulging at theContinue reading


Accepted by 8 American Ivy League Universities

Every year for the last 4 years, when results are released, I see our kids in Diaspora making a home run. As they get admitted into Ivy League schools in the States, their home countriesContinue reading

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Need Money? Try these unique options

Most posts on DC are in response to questions sent in by readers. Keep them coming in and we promise to deliver.   HOST FAMILY You can host a foreign student for about £250 a week.Continue reading

Cross-Atlantic Tales


I would watch in anger my colleagues and friends of Indian heritage as they stood at the side-lines because they felt that the cop-on-black violence was the fault of the black people more so as theContinue reading

Cross-Atlantic Tales

A Tale from the States Pt.2 – Killer Husband Hall of Infamy

For the first part of this article read here The roll call for the Igbo killer husband hall of infamy is as follows: 1.) Theophilus Ojukwu of Garland, Texas whose wife Melvina was an RN.Continue reading

Cross-Atlantic Tales

A Tale from the States – Igbo men and their RN wives – Pt. 1

Thanks Kiki for this article. I know you wanted to be the first contributor but 2nd is not such a bad position. I know this will be a controversial article but I am basing theContinue reading