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Immigration Information

Express Entry Immigration – Canada

“The Express Entry program is for those wishing to move to Canada permanently under the Skilled Worker program, Skilled Trades program or the Canadian Experience Class. Applicants are able to create an online profile, andContinue reading

Social Saturday

Relocation opened a new Door – Ronniestreats

I told you DC readers that today would be a “sweet day” literally. Today, we introduce Ronniestreats based in Ontario, Canada. Ronniestreats is a hobby that is on the verge of becoming a full-fledged business.Continue reading

Social Saturday

Say hello to Chief Eddy and Dr Chika Odunze

What makes being successful so important is the value that it can add  to society when put to good use. Many years ago Eddy Odunze and his wife Dr Chika Odunze left Nigeria to seekContinue reading


She’s been “Trumped”!

CBC news is reporting that Canadian lady Manpreet Kooner was turned back at the U.S boarder after being told she needed a valid immigrant visa to enter the country. She was on a spa tripContinue reading

Cross-Atlantic Tales

The email from Canada – Is this what i bargained for?

This email below came in from Canada. Thumbs up Kenny for being our first contributor! My only input is for you to advise the lady in question to focus on the kids as they are the reason she madeContinue reading