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All in the details – Bead Jewellery

I love brooches with a passion. I believe nothing screams lady than that little or medium accessory on your outfit. Imagine my joy when I noticed that the data analyst at work loved brooches too,Continue reading

Cross-Atlantic Tales

You need Credit to get Credit

We had just moved to the UK then with what we thought was the big bucks until experience showed us otherwise. For clarity, do  click here to get an idea of how funds can quickly deplete inContinue reading


Accepted by 8 American Ivy League Universities

Every year for the last 4 years, when results are released, I see our kids in Diaspora making a home run. As they get admitted into Ivy League schools in the States, their home countriesContinue reading

Inspire Career

Inspire Career series – Design & Build Project Management

Obi is a project manager for one of the largest construction companies in the UK. He studied Mechanical Engineering and worked in the Power Sector for a few years but decided to pursue his passionContinue reading

Social Saturday

Saturdays are for weddings

Getting married? Living in London? Cannot help yourself once you see a wedding post? Yes or No, thank you for stopping by at DC! Today we introduce to you an event specialist, florist, balloonist and wedding architect. Continue reading

Cross-Atlantic Tales

A Tale from the States Pt.2 – Killer Husband Hall of Infamy

For the first part of this article read here The roll call for the Igbo killer husband hall of infamy is as follows: 1.) Theophilus Ojukwu of Garland, Texas whose wife Melvina was an RN.Continue reading


Migration – Stand up and be counted

Migration is almost akin to an evil word these days. Do you walk around sometimes feeling like you are stepping on toes even when you aren’t? At a hospital in Romford, a man once yelled at my familyContinue reading