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Cross-Atlantic Tales

Why won’t you come back home?

This question has become a recurring decimal in my life, as family and friends continue to hound me. They go on to point out my peer group in similar careers that have returned home toContinue reading


Scholarships! Scholarships!! Even more Scholarships!!!

Do not underestimate your ability to secure a scholarship. Read instructions and apply and you just never know. The stars do align every now and again! Remember Odam’s Scholarship Story, as that is enough toContinue reading

Cross-Atlantic Tales, Social Saturday

My Saturday Scholarship Story – Odam Ebokpo

Thank you Odam for your delightful, inspirational story and for the lovely pictures. Wishing you the very best in Paris. Please do an article for us on how to seek and apply for scholarships.   It was differentContinue reading

Cross-Atlantic Tales

A Tale from the States Pt.2 – Killer Husband Hall of Infamy

For the first part of this article read here The roll call for the Igbo killer husband hall of infamy is as follows: 1.) Theophilus Ojukwu of Garland, Texas whose wife Melvina was an RN.Continue reading


She’s been “Trumped”!

CBC news is reporting that Canadian lady Manpreet Kooner was turned back at the U.S boarder after being told she needed a valid immigrant visa to enter the country. She was on a spa tripContinue reading


People are not dying in the UK!

Ok I am just messing with you (insert smiley). On a serious note, The Telegraph is reporting that the UK population is bursting at the seams and that come 2050 it will be the largest country inContinue reading