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Cross-Atlantic Tales, Social Saturday

My Saturday Scholarship Story – Odam Ebokpo

Thank you Odam for your delightful, inspirational story and for the lovely pictures. Wishing you the very best in Paris. Please do an article for us on how to seek and apply for scholarships.   It was differentContinue reading

Inspire Career

Inspire Career series – Teaching in Middle East Asia

 Welcome to our 6-question series of Inspire Career When did you relocate and what made you relocate? I relocated to England in 1993 and from it in 2010. Following ten enormously rewarding and challenging yearsContinue reading

Inspire Career

Diaspora Chronicles: On Relocating & Finding the Right Job

Migrating anywhere is not easy. It is even more challenging when you’re constrained by the absence of the educational or professional requirements for the place you’re moving to. The challenge of settling in – withContinue reading