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Cross-Atlantic Tales

You need Credit to get Credit

We had just moved to the UK then with what we thought was the big bucks until experience showed us otherwise. For clarity, do  click here to get an idea of how funds can quickly deplete inContinue reading

Cross-Atlantic Tales

Perception and Reality

She was an average built and very attractive lady. Her hair and clothing were always unique – i dare say she was one classy lady. The one constant thing about her though was that scowl.Continue reading

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Need Money? Try these unique options

Most posts on DC are in response to questions sent in by readers. Keep them coming in and we promise to deliver.   HOST FAMILY You can host a foreign student for about £250 a week.Continue reading


Marriage Allowance – every little helps

One of the legacies of the Cameron administration is the marriage allowance. While this tax allowance is not available to everyone, it is still worth checking. The Marriage Allowance will let you transfer £1,100 of yourContinue reading

Cross-Atlantic Tales

Be careful out there – I see you!

Have you ever noticed when an incident is being reported in the UK that there is always someone who will provide some kind of information to assist the authorities. I live on a quiet cul-de-sacContinue reading


Migration – Stand up and be counted

Migration is almost akin to an evil word these days. Do you walk around sometimes feeling like you are stepping on toes even when you aren’t? At a hospital in Romford, a man once yelled at my familyContinue reading

Cross-Atlantic Tales

Holidays with a twist

Whenever my friends or family visit from Nigeria it is always a shopping expedition. 2-3 weeks before they come, some even send me a shopping list. There is the expectation that I know where allContinue reading