The Guardian INC. – A concierge service for school children


“We realized there was a gap for guardians for school children when friends and family kept coming to us to assist them monitor and look after their children in UK boarding schools”.

Who are we?

The Guardian Incorporated is a group of mums resident in England who can assist you manage your child’s needs, while they school in the UK. As your child is in an unfamiliar environment, there could be occasions where they need that extra care from an assigned guardian. TGI mums are always a phone call away and can cover in your absence even on visiting days. No matter where your child is located in the UK, we will be that point of contact! If your child needs a break for any reason or there is an official school mid-term break, our homes are suitable to accommodate them during the period.

Bespoke Services

Depending on the situation you might need some additional services from us to suit your particular circumstance.

This would include;

  • Flight arrangements
  • Arranging with the Airline for your child to fly as un-accompanied minors
  • Repository for information with regards choosing the right school for your child.
  • Transport service to and from school.
  • Emergency contact in the event of illness.
  • Any other issues that you may wish for us to handle.

Can you Trust Us?

  • Yes! all our mums are enhanced DBS checked in accordance with the regulatory requirements.
  • For your peace of mind we will allow you the opportunity to inspect our homes for suitability.
  • More over we are all mothers and we can understand how precious your children are to you!

         Give us a call on 07944584572 or email us on


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