Diaspora Chronicles: On Relocating & Finding the Right Job

Migrating anywhere is not easy. It is even more challenging when you’re constrained by the absence of the educational or professional requirements for the place you’re moving to. The challenge of settling in – with or without family- always seems like a daunting feat. BellaNaija Contributor, Uloma Ezirim, has decided to share a 3-part series called Diaspora Chronicles. In this honest and refreshing segment, she shares some of her experiences since she moved to the UK.

After almost 10 years in the Nigerian Banking Sector, personal circumstances necessitated a move to the UK. We relocated through the then popular Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP). The idea behind the HSMP was for highly skilled people to immigrate to the UK to seek out work opportunities. The benefit to the UK would be the filling up of critical skill gaps to supplement its labour market.

This route provided some flexibility, as there was no need to have a job offer prior to relocation. As we all moved in droves then, we thought the premise for this scheme was that we would get like for like opportunities. At least this was what I presumed.
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